Welcome at ČGHSP

The Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society in Prague (ČGHSP) was founded in 1969 and continues older traditions of the Czechoslovak Genealogy Society. It is an interest civic society. In accordance with its constitution the Society focuses especially on the development of the civic and noble genealogy, heraldry and other auxiliary historical sciences as well. The Society has almost one thousand members nowadays. The Society publishes the periodical called “Genealogicke a heraldicke listy” and genealogical books. The Society organizes exhibitions, lectures and courses for beginners and for advanced genealogists too. The Society also helps its members in genealogical research. Its library contains specialized and popular-science literature that is opened to all members.

The ČGHSP does not provide commercial processing of family trees and ancestry charts. If you are interested in this please turn to commercial genealogist. You can find them in The Czech Republic i.e. by using Google.cz or other web search engines like Seznam.cz or Centrum.cz or choosing from the list of professional genealogist from Genea.cz.

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