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hledám informace o rodinném erbu

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Written on: 05. 05. 2015 [11:40]
Danuše Gotzová
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DSCF6825-erb-zmenseno.jpg (File type: image/jpeg, Size: 259.52 kilobytes) — 1930 downloads
Written on: 07. 10. 2016 [00:58]
Susanne Wichert
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It says in German:

Family crest of the family of GOTZ
The GOTZ, deriving from the Netherlands, a very good lineage. They hold on golden shield the front part of a deer with silver antlers. On the crowned helmet the silver ... (antlers?)
The helmet mantling (Přikryvadla) is red gold blue silver. The crest can be found in Tyroff Wappenwerk volume I part II page 125.

I hope this helps a bit...

- Susanne

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